Freddy Ramírez

“Hola! I’m Freddy, Faro Travel Costa Rica’s Manager — I’m an entrepreneur born and raised surrounded by nature, and living the authentic “Tico” (native costa rican) lifestyle in Monteverde. During my childhood, my father worked as a tourism driver, providing his transport services to differrent travel agencies, and I was often his copilot. These experiences imparted within me a love for the tourism industry, and are a significant reason why I decided to found Faro Travel Costa Rica.

Working at our family-run business I’ve been a driver, receptionist, car washer and even worked as the vehicle maintainance with my dad. Faro Travel Costa Rica has been a wonderful experience for me and my family; it has allowed us to share our love of Costa Rica with many people from around the world, and It’s incredibly satisfying to know that we help travelers like you experience the best of our beautiful country — getting you into the “Pura Vida” mindset, and helping you connect with some of Costa Rica’s best personalized, cultural and authentic experience.

Don’t be surprised when you hear “Pura Vida” (Pure Life) everywhere, because we use it for everything! For example, to say: “Hello!”, “Goodbye!”, “How are you?”, “Thank you”, “Everything is great”, and many more expressions, you simply state, “Pura Vida!”.

One of my favorite destinations in Costa Rica is Manuel Antonio — it is a unique place on the South Pacific Coast that everyone should visit at least once (exuberant rainforest, wildlife, and a family environment). Come and visit us, I’d love to help you embrace the warmth of our people, and get immersed into the authentic local culture.”