Capital City

Founded in 1737, San José today is a sprawling metropolis. Costa Rica’s capital and the largest city in the country and is considered to be among the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. Here, you can find not only good accommodations and hotels, but many wonderful museums, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, colourful markets and a fast paced night life.

San José is the heart of Costa Rica and home to roughly half the country’s 5 million citizens. It’s one of those cities that doesn’t wow you from afar, but once your feet are on the ground it’s easy to appreciate its humble blend of tradition, grit, and culture.

Tours and Activities

  1. City Tour
  2. Coffee Tour
  3. Guided Tours
  4. Museums
  5. Rafting
  6. Spanish Lessons

Another attractive characteristic of San José is its temperate weather, which can be quite a relief, particularly during the summer months. Because of its relatively high elevation 1,170 m (3,839 feet) the city, like the rest of the Central Valley, is always a pleasant temperature year-round, with very limited showers.

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