Monteverde is just a few hours away! Let us help you get there


Costa Rica, while small, is big on amazing little corners of the country that are truly worth including on your list of “must places” to visit.  This list should definitely include Monteverde.  Not only are there lots of beautiful spaces that offer once-in-a-lifetimes experiences, because of Costa Rica`s size, means you can easily get to them.   Whether you are walking the streets of San Jose, relaxing in the thermal springs at Arenal or doing some beach time in Guanacaste or at Manuel Antonio, Monteverde is just a few hours away!  Let us help you get there.

Monteverde, Costa Rica`s prized mountain top cloud rainforest gem, is one of those essential places to visit during your stay in beautiful Costa Rica. A small town nestled into the continental divide that is home to the delicate cloud rainforest that invites you to feel the lush, vibrant forest that is veiled in a light mist making your walk through it even more mystical.

After some close to nature hiking, Monteverde is also a favorite for extreme adventure lovers too! This is feeling and living the rainforest from a different perspective.  For the bungee lovers, this is 143 meter drop of pure adrenaline down into the rainforest covered valley or fly through the forest canopy on a zip or a superman line.  Whether it is vertical or horizontal, with your feet in the air or firmly on the floor, Monteverde is full of fun and adventure.

How can we get you there?

So, we know that Monteverde is a must but the question could be, how do we get there?  The great news is that Faro Travel Costa Rica is your answer and in their fleet of private and shared shuttles in modern comfortable buses so you don`t have to worry about getting behind the wheel.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacular views as you travel through the beautiful Costa Rican landscapes.

From the hot springs to the cool clouds

Traveling to Monteverde is very popular after a few days exploring the Arenal Volcano and the medicinal and very relaxing thermal springs that this majestic landmark produces from deep within its mantle.  Faro Travel Costa Rica will pick up up at your hotel in Arenal and take you to the Arenal Lake crossing where you will take a boat ride to the other side. Then, you hop back on a bus and the spectacular ride up the rainforest laden mountain to Monteverde begins.  This is where a transfer becomes part of the adventure!

From surfing the waves to hiking the clouds

If you would like to go to visit the Central Pacific Coast and hang out at the famous Manuel Antonio beach before or after a visit to Monteverde, this is also just a few hours away.  This is where fantastic beaches, nature, surfing, great restaurants and lots of adventure activities collide into unforgettable days in the sun.

While the adventure and nature are at both Monteverde and Manuel Antonio, the differences are vast and when Faro Travel Costa Rica can take you to both in the safe hands of their expert drivers who know Costa Rica like the back of their hands, life becomes that much easier!

From the white sand to the white mist

The turn off to Monteverde is on the Pan-American Highway that runs between San Jose and Liberia in the province of Guanacaste. Both of these cities are home to the two, modern international airports with more than 1000 flights every month entering and departing Costa Rica every month. This means from whichever airport you decide to fly into, Monteverde is very close by.

If you fly into Liberia, this means you had a few days on the white-sanded, tropical beaches in mind and you will not be disappointed.  The Guanacaste province boasts some of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica and lots of fantastic hotels too.

One of the Guanacaste beach favorites is Tamarindo. This great surfing destination has fantastic restaurants and adventure activities under the sun that will keep you entertained.   Many visitors love to combine the Tamarindo beach vibe with the Monteverde close to nature vibe and it has become a popular fusion of what Costa Rica is all about.   And this is where Faro Travel Costa Rica comes into the picture!

After a few days of beach hopping and water sports, Faro Travel Costa Rica can then take you to your next stop to Monteverde and what a contrast. From the postcard beautiful beaches, coastal lowlands, expansive savannas where the cowboys roam to the rainforest covered highlands, you will wind up into the coolness of the mountains with the panoramic views of the blue Nicoya Gulf.

From the urban jungle to the cloud rainforest

From San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica that is in the Central Valley, the ride to Monteverde will take you down onto the coast and then up into mountains.  This is around a 3 hour ride that Faro Travel Costa Rica can organize for you.  You can decide on a private transfer that gives you the freedom to choose at what time you would like to go to Monteverde or in a shuttle service with fellow travelers at established times.

Whether you go for the private or the shuttle options, the great thing is that all buses or cars are modern with air conditioning and with the guarantee of excellent service of Faro Travel. With 20 years of experience, this family run business are experts in safely transporting clients all around Costa Rica in the upmost comfort and professionalism.

So, sit back and enjoy the ride around beautiful Costa Rica! The journey is as spectacular as the destination in this little corner of paradise! We look forward to hearing from you to plan your vacation!

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