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Situated in the northwest corner of Guanacaste, the Papagayo Peninsula is a newly developed center of luxury in Costa Rica. This exclusive gated community contains upscale resorts, private residences, a beach club, golf course, and marina.

The little inlets and coves that line the emerald green waters of the Pacific make the views here particularly stunning. Additionally, Papagayo Peninsula and the nearby Bay of Papagayo is less than a 1-hour drive from the Liberia International Airport making it a quick and easy transfer to your hotel and the beach.

Tours and Activities

  1. Boat Tours
  2. Guided Tours
  3. Horseback Riding
  4. Kayaking
  5. Nature Walks
  6. Scuba Diving
  7. Snorkeling
  8. Zip Lines

While many of Guanacaste’s beaches are coveted by surfers, those on the Gulf of Papagayo are protected, making them great for families with children. All of Costa Rica’s beaches are public, but because the Peninsula is gated the beaches here are more secluded. On Culebra Bay, within the Gulf of Papagayo, is the Marina Papagayo, the first and currently only luxury marina in Costa Rica. Built with an environmentally-conscious blueprint, the little marina blends seamlessly with the vibrant bays and inlets of the gulf.

Compared to other parts of Costa Rica, the climate along the North Pacific Coast is typically hot and dry. Home to vast expanses of tropical dry forests that often line the beaches, this area plays host to an array of animals including many species of sea birds and monkeys.

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