3 Hours

Manuel Antonio National Park is a small biological island. It was established in 1972 by the Costa Rican government who wanted to preserve the countries priceless wildlife. Though Manuel Antonio National Park is the smallest park in the country, it is the most visited due its charming combination of rain forest, beaches, coral reefs and wild life.

7 Hours

Start your day as you hike across the Arenal Hanging Bridges and see the jungle from high above the forest floor. Your naturalist guide will teach you about Costa Rican culture, history, and nature, while pointing out different species of plants, animals, and birds along the way. These trails bring you as close as you’d ever hope to see the rainforest and its inhabitants, as well as give you access to see stunning views of the rainforest and mountain

3 Hours

Hiking with a private guide in the reserve you have the chance to learn more about an specific topic about the forest. Local guides with knowledge about the Cloud Forest, they would lead you to explore the wonders of the Reserve, and in this way you can have a better chance to enjoy the characteristics and the different attractive inside the Reserve, as its biodiversity.


The Reserve was created thanks to the determination of the community to share the benefits of the tourism and use them as tool, for the common benefit. On your hike, you'll notice the incredible humidity it's nearly 100 percent year-round! With warm winds blowing over the Atlantic Ocean, and a cool breeze billowing through the Continental divide, the two create the dense clouds that bathe the forest with a near-constant mist.
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